Endangered Species Research Paper

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Global perspective: individual project
Humans and other species – how can we prevent the hunting of endangered species?

Humans may kill animals for fun, money and many other purposes, they may not know how it is effecting the habitat. Humans may think they don’t require animals in order to survive, but what they don’t realize is that each animal has its purpose of living.
Endangered species; different categories of animals that are at risk of extinction. A loss of species can be harmful to other species. it all comes down to increase and decrease between different lot. Pandas, whales, polar bears are all at risk due to climate change and various other reasons. An endangered species can result in loss of habitat in different ecosystems around the world.

Global perspective:
World wild life: - a) Amur leopard – these types of leopards are critically endangered, the Amur leopard is
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Thinking positive is the key, to unlocking the door for newer species. I think it’s exceptional to put them in specific zoos which specialize in protecting the endangered. We can start by talking to the government and authorities, about the breed at risk. To make sure that they’re safe, we would have to go to extreme measures to protect them such as using cameras, voice recorder, and at night, night-vision cameras. Cameras, are useful to determine the safety and the behavior of the lot. Voice recorder, cameras don’t verify any data unless proven by certified sound. Night-vision cameras, are used to keep record of their performance during the night, to verify everything is solid. The cause of extinction is also sometimes considered due to climate change and pollution, to prevent that , we could follow the Triple R rule.Reduce,Re-use,Re-cycle.The most important situation is the loss of water due to humans consuming a lot of

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