Endatory Participation In Extracurricular Activities

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Sports, yearbook, student council, and other things like that are extracurricular activities. Even tough some people do like those things, most don 't. Like Tiger Woods once said "Don 't force your kids into sports. I never was. To this day, my dad has never asked me to play golf. I ask him. It 's the child 's desire to play that matters, not the parents desire to have the child play. Fun. Keep it fun." It means you can 't force a person into liking something even tough you like or liked to do it. The only way is the kid to desire to do play to actually have fun. Therefore I disagree with mandatory participation in extracurricular activities.

One reason I disagree is because it will limit the things you can do. Like most people after school they go home and spend time with their family. That is going out to eat, talking, or just making jokes. But if you have to do after school activities that you don 't like it will make that time shorter and miserable. Hanging out with friends is limited the same way. Although that is limited you still have to do homework and study. That can take up to two hours to completely finish.
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The final reason I disagree is because people can have non interest into after or during school activities. For example, sports might be something people like to watch but not play or not do anything with. But the same thing goes with the yearbook. Picture taking and collaboration with other people is not most peoples strong points. However, student council is the opposite with organization needs to be a thing you can do well. Organization is a problem most student have in and out of school. Like their binders or lockers are an example. Beside that collaborating with others might cause a fight. Fighting with other will cause stress and make you lose time in school. With less focus or having suspension put on you from a physical fight. Interest into things is a main key for success in a students life when the enjoy it besides

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