Ender Character Analysis

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Ender He is very smart in school but he gets abused a lot by Peter. Sometimes he is very reckless, and empathic. Graff tricks Ender into defeating the Buggers. Emotional Peter take full advantage of him and he is a “third” which means he’s an outcast to the school. He learns to be a good leader in the Battle school. He advances farther than the other boys It is because he was destined to defeat the aliens. He is controlled by the government He doesn’t know what to do but he thinks things intelligently. He always understands the enemy not by hating them If you try and lose then it isn't your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, then it's all your fault.” Since it is the future, things have changed. Little kids have been manipulated…show more content…
Like a small Ender. He does crazy things in performances Physical His stunts makes Enders army win No this is not a human right issue since he loves doing what he does. He becomes one of Ender’s best soldiers in his army What makes Bean realize this is that Ender shows his, ahem, softer side – that he’s not just an invulnerable commander, but he’s really a vulnerable kid Every performance is more high tech is sophisticated He is very friendly to people

Was a mean big kid. Bullies Ender a lot He comes in with a big group Physical he fights Ender but he got killed Well bullying could be a human right He fights Ender This is Ender’s justification for wrecking Stilson – to send a message to all the bullies in school. Bullying still exists in the future He is very violent
Mother and Father Doesn’t really care for Ender, wants him to have religion. Not very important to story To get Graff away from his son Not really since they are his parents They send Ender to Battle school “You know he’s never in” Not really just uncaring parents Gives Endera hard time

One of the girls in Battle School Teaches Ender how to shoot. Also Enders Commander Not a humans right issue She’s very persistent but she is always afraid of Buggers Too many centuries of evolution are working against them” (3.111) More high tech weapons Friendly
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