Ender Wiggin Character

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Ender Wiggin is the main character and the protagonist in the book. Throughout the book he is having an identity crisis and does not truly know who he is. He knows his name and his age (most of the time) but he doesn’t know what type of person he is. He has two siblings, Valentine and Peter, who have played a big roll on what type of person he is. * Peter Wiggin is Ender 's older brother. He is a sociopath and takes pleasure in manipulating and brutalizing other children, especially Ender. He was rejected from Battle School because he is too violent. He also gilt Valentine to help him engineer a global war and tries to take over Earth. ** Valentine Wiggin is Ender 's older sister, being the middle child of the Wiggin family. She was rejected from Battle School for her overwhelming compassion. She serves as the link between Ender and Peter during the former 's childhood and does her best to protect Ender. Later she helps Peter on his rise to power. After the end of the Formic War, she leaves with Ender on an odyssey through time and space to what was once the bugger’s home world. **…show more content…
**Peter and Valentine are the opposites. Peter enjoys hurting others but Valentine tries to help everybody. Although they are opposites they are very smart and somehow they think the same way at times. The setting of Ender 's Game changes throughout the book, because Ender Wiggin first was on Earth, then he went to a school in space, next back to Earth, after that to another school in space and finally to a distant world once occupied by the buggers. The time was very vague, but it seemed to take place around 2300. This is shown through the advanced technology of the monitor, battleships, Dr. Device and other things such as computers. Most of the book took place inside Battle School, a very large school for very elite, young and smart children. The part of the book that took place outside was when he returned to Earth, and he stayed at a very large house, but the actual place is
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