Ender Wiggins: Movie Analysis

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No one gets peace in the middle of war, and also, pressure. Being under pressure all the time isn´t healthy for anyone, especially for kids. Here, we´re talking about Ender Wiggins, a boy who was chosen to undergo studies at a military school. There, he is placed under pressure and military regime, because he is considered to be the last hope for humanity. He is trained to fight and control spaceships, to use them against an invading alien force. However, the pressure he is under, and also the stored hate and anger he has leads him to the wrong path, and creating a dark side on him, which would lead him to destroy an entire planet. He was a simple kid, who had a sister named Valentine and a brother named Peter. His brother and sister also went to the same training program he was on, but they didn´t met requirements, but he did. He was about to finish the studies when he was bullied by some kids who los fights with him on videogames. Studies show that bullying starts on the first years of high school (6th grade), and also, the popular guys are by far the most probable to make such acts.…show more content…
Games can do good and bad to us. Good, because we don´t have real consequences of bad decisions, and we can prepare for real life, but they are bad because they can get us addicted to them, separating us from the real world and from the people we
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