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Word: Climax
Define: The most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex.
Quote: “And as soon as they did, Ender kicked out high and hard, catching Stilson square in the breastbone. He dropped. It took Ender by surprise he hadn't thought to put Stilson on the ground with one kick (6).”
Explanation: This quote proves the literary term because it clarifies the important part of the whole novel. It basically shows excitement for the reader and how the whole scenario was set up to be significant in the book.
Why? : This quote is important to the overall plot because, if Ender never stood up for himself. He wouldn’t be able to join the new school.

Word: Foreshadowing
Define: Guessing ahead is a literary device …show more content…

Peter’s character wouldn’t feel any sympathy for hurting or killing his younger brother. The author’s writing is describing a sad and gloomy scenario causing the readers to feel compassion for Ender and anger for Peter.
Why? : This quote is important to the overall plot because if this didn’t happen, Ender couldn’t make it through many hardships in future purposes.

Theme/Main Idea
Define: The central topic of the whole story.
Quote: “We are like you; the thought pressed into his mind. We did not mean to murder, and when we understood, we never came again. We thought we were the only thinking beings in the universe… (248)”
Explanation: This quote is the overall main idea. The buggers were just like humans. They took care of their love ones and did exactly what humans needed to do to survive.
Why? : This quote is important to the plot because Ender finally realizes what was going on. He knows that the people he thought was the good guys are actually the enemy. The buggers weren’t harmful at all.

Define: The building mystery of what’s going to happen …show more content…

Explanation: This quote causes suspense to the reader. They want to know what’s going to happen next. Is Ender going to get hurt? Is Bonzo going to get hurt? Is the buggers going to take over the ship? They don’t know what’s going to occur.
Why? : This quote is important to the overall plot because it builds up Ender’s character. It finally makes sense why Ender was recruited in the program – his intelligence and his brother’s ways of

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