Ender's Battle School Analysis

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Ender’s Game, the battle school manipulates Ender by involving his family. The battle school involves Ender’s family by granting Valentine permission to speak with Ender. The school's intent was to put Ender back on the right path so he finishes his schooling and fights the buggers. By doing this, it makes Ender rekindle his love for his sister, this allows him to come to the realization that everyone on Earth has a family or someone they love. This realization then pushes him to do well in school and strive to save mankind.
To conclude, Iago’s intents were never to aid anyone else but himself. On the other hand, the battle school and the teacher’s only manipulate Ender so he becomes a stronger and more independent soldier whom will one day
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To explain, the battle school executes in trying to save the world by pushing Ender to be the best he is able to be. By doing this, the battle school is able to ensure that their “tool” is in the best condition it can be in. Ender is given an army and forced to battle daily for weeks on end and eventually is given multiple battles a day, just so that he can be pushed to find his boundaries. In conclusion, while Iago is the manipulator in Othello, he never manipulates for anyone other than himself because he is only interested in what he is able to do for himself. Contrary to this, the battle school is the manipulator in Ender’s Game, and it only manipulates for a good reason. Although, the school and it’s teacher’s manipulate Ender for the safety of humanity, it is not done in spite nor is it done to better themselves. Therefore, it is prevalent that the manipulation in Othello is done for evil compared to the good reasoning in Ender’s…show more content…
This is proven by looking at the manipulators intent, how they execute their manipulation and what the final outcome is of their manipulation. By comparing the two novels, you can see that they are similar due to their secondary character’s attempting to manipulate their main character’s along with both novels manipulating for a better good. Following this, we look into Iago and his desire to destroy Othello, along with the teacher’s crude isolation of Ender. In addition, evidence is asked for by Othello and then it is given to him, while in Ender’s game, he is rerouted on track and pushed even harder till his evaluation. Lastly, Iago has achieved everything he wanted for himself, while on the other hand, Ender is manipulated to fight in the war and fulfills his fate as saviour of the world. By looking at the previous points, it is apparent that the manipulation used in Ender’s game is done for good because it has saved the world. Compared to the manipulation in Othello, which was only done for Iago’s pleasure and not for the benefit of anyone else. The evidence is there and it shows a distinct line between the way manipulation is used in Othello compared to Ender’s
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