Ender's 'Chapter Summary Of Star Wars'

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Evan Santiago
Honors English
Assignment #1
Ch. 1: Third
In chapter one we learned Ender was the one. We have learned what for but he is the one. Ender got his monitor taken out but during the operation his body had a violent reaction to the monitor being taken. He then is drugged and later he returns to school. Having a monitor made Ender an outsider because he had his longer than everyone else. I presume this is a good thing because people such as his brother seemed jealous he had his monitor long than everyone else. Now that he doesn 't have his monitor no one is watching over him. So a bully named Stilson teases him by calling him Third. Ender just ignores him at first then he started being pushed and grabbed. After he is
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So the Fleet show up to their house interrupting breakfast for the family. The man asks to talk with the parents first then ask to talk to Ender. He asks Ender about the fight with Stilson. Ender answers by say he did want to do it but he did it to stop anymore fights that might come. This makes Ender embarrassed then the man stands up and introduces himself as Colonel Graff, director of the Battle School in the Belt. He then asks Ender if he wants to go to the school. Ender is confused by this because they toke his monitor but the Colonel explains that it was the final test to see how he does without the monitor. Graff gives Ender the option to say because he might fail in the school if he is forced to go. Graff starts telling Ender all the reasons he should go. He tells him about his his parents background and how they gave up there religion for Ender and if Ender leave it will be easier on the family. Graff also tells him he is half of Valentine and half of Peter. They didn 't take Peter because of his cruelty and Valentine was to gentle. Graff tells Ender that he is needed direly and the only reason they won the last war was because they had Mazer Rackham and now that he is gone they need someone new. Ender decides he will go even though Graff tells him the school will be a…show more content…
Commander General Levy having a conversation about how they are happy that Ender has gotten passed the Giant 's drink and the problems with Bernard which no one has done before. We are then taken to the dinning hall where Alai and Ender are discussing the security on their desks. Alai then asks Ender for help with his desk security and then they head back to the rooms. When they get there they find out that Ender has been promoted to Salamander Army. Before Ender leave he says goodbye to Alai who hugs and then kisses Ender on the cheek and says to him “Salaam”. Ender knows that he and Alai are close friends because that word must have some meaning of importance to Alai. Before showing up to his new army Ender goes and play the mind game again. He ends up getting to a place called “The End of the World”. Ender keeps going hopefully to find a place with no games and he can just live. When Ender finally gets to Salamander Army he almost immediately befriend a girl named Petra Arkanian and hated by the leader Bonzo Madrid. Petra promises Ender that she will train him since Bonzo wouldn 't let Ender train with the group. Petra does follow through and during the training she get the idea that the teachers are the real enemies inside Ender 's head. Ender, because he can 't train with his army, takes his launchies buddies during free play and helps train them he they help him train.
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