Ender's Game Argumentative Essay

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Ender is an eleven/twelve year old boy, who has been trained since birth to be a weapon. He is the main protagonist in the short story “Ender’s Game”, although could he really be a murderer? When Ender was in his last “game” he destroyed an alien planet, killing an entire species. Ender never expected that the simulation, was real. Graff, Anderson, and Maezr all knew that it was real from the start. They all knew Ender was a great fighter and leader, therefore they gave him what we could call a promotion.Who shall take the blame for the death of an entire sentient alien species? Ender? of the adults who use him as a weapon in the first place? In the short story “Ender’s Game” Ender is the main protagonist. It has been argued over whether or not Ender is a hero or a murderer. In my opinion I believe that Ender is neither a…show more content…
They arranged the simulations for Ender and technically made him kill off the species. Everything that Ender had to do in Command School, was set up by the adults in the story. Around the end of the story when Ender was “playing” his final “game” Maezr told him that he would be fighting him. Not some completely real alien species! How do you just kill off an entire possibly sentient species? I feel as if the story goes deeper, why would a whole species be mad at our species. The humans must have originally provoked the other species at one time therefore causing them to go to war. Can I just say, I think that the idea of this is absolutely ridiculous. This story is saying that in the future, if this were to happen to us, we would be raising our children to be weapons since the day they were born. I believe that is completely unfair to make a child into a weapon. None of the kids ever worry about family, i don’t think they even care. All of the children are now being raised only to fight and in some cases (like Enders)
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