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Ender’s Game Picture a time, where a kid had the intelligence and will to lead an army in an intergalactic mission to save humanity. That’s what happens in Ender’s Game. The story goes as a boy named Ender Wiggin born in 2189 as a third child in his family. When he was six, Ender then gets taken by the international fleet to battle school where he is trained to face an army of humanoid insects called “buggers.” His achievements in his battles at this school helped him get transferred to command school where he practiced as a commander until their invasion of the bugger world where they won the war. The book by Orson Scott card was critically acclaimed among reviewers and the book has blossomed into a series that continues today, with 6 books…show more content…
A theme that could be taken from both movie and book is Isolation. When ender first arrived at battle school, he has been isolated from his family and everyone on earth, which led to one character thinking that the adults running the school are the enemy. Another recurring theme in the story is the virtual reality game, where ender had to go through all of these trials in this little tablet game to get to the so-called “End of the World.” The game was also the reason that the buggers have been following ender by hacking into the game to read his thoughts, which eventually lead to the giant’s carcass on Eros where he finds the bugger egg. Now what are some similarities of Ender’s Game the book and the movie? First off, they both follow the same basic storyline. Ender gets his monitor taken out, goes to battle school, then command school, and then kills almost all of the buggers. Then he finds the egg and vows to find a new place for them to live. Secondly, the tablet game ender plays is told in the same manner in both works, but not in the exact same way. Thirdly, they both end on a cliffhanger, where Ender finds the egg and goes out past the solar system to find a new planet for the buggers, which is explained in the book Speaker for the

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