Ender's Game Book Theme Analysis

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Ender’s Game Essay As Ender takes his last breath Peter, his brother, takes his hands off Ender’s neck. As Ender grows up, he slowly realizes that he’s chosen to help the International Fleet (I.F.) destroy the buggers, an alien species threatening all the humans. Will he succeed? The book does a better job showing Ender’s quest in saving human life. When reading the book, themes are shown better. For example, the theme of isolation is a large part of the book. Ended is isolated from other people. When Ender made it to the ship, Colonel Graff made all the other kids hate him. Another theme in the book is, don't trust anyone. As Ender grows up, he only trusts valentine. Going through out battle school, he realizes after the final simulation that he shouldn't have trusted Colonel Graff because he didn't tell him that the final simulation was real. One final theme that was noticed is, Friends or Enemies? Ender realizes that everyone is his friend, out to get him, his enemy, or both. From the kids at school to the buggers. Major themes are key when a movie covers a book.…show more content…
However, there are more important similarities than others. Valentine in the book cares for Ender. She also cares for Ender in the movie and is his caregiver when he comes back to earth. Valentine is similar in the book and the movie, the mind game when Ender fights the giant, it takes multiple attempts to defeat the giant. One final similar noticed in the book was Ender was called out in front of the class on the ship for being the only smart one. For Ender this relates to a major theme in the book and the movie, friends or enemies? This creates a hate for Ender by all the kids on board. These are the major similarities noticed throughout the book and the
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