Differences Between Ender's Game Book And Movie

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Ender’s Game Being a regular high school student, I shocked myself because the fact that I actually decided to read a book at home from class without being forced to should be breaking news on CNN. Ender Wiggin was an intelligent child specifically selected into the IF with the possibility of being the new commander of the third invasion of the buggers. Ender was on a different path as the other students, the adults of the school wanted a lot out of Ender, which brought tons of emotion out of Ender from the adults, Bonzo, Valentine, and especially Peter. The book was better than the movie even though the movie could show emotion through a screen I still think it was quite bland and there was more emotion and hardship represented in the book than the movie. Ender’s game movie and the book had crucial elements that made or break the story. One of these elements was…show more content…
One key similarity between the book and the movie was keeping the futuristic setting and war aspect throughout the movie. The future setting kept the whole training part of the story line interesting to watch during the movie. Having the future in mind incorporated the fighting and hatred to defeat the buggers that the IF had because the buggers are not real and we do not have the technology the IF had in the school as far as the battles and realistic games the students could play at their desks. Another similarity was Ender’s tight bond with his sister Valentine. Keeping this bond between them really showed Ender’s emotions throughout the movie and book as Valentine's actions changed some of Ender’s motives through battle school and at the end making his decision to be the governor in the book. Keeping these similarities and putting them in the movie kept the story line on track for people who have read the book then watched the movie and also made the character Ender true to himself and his morals and

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