Ender's Game: Comparing The Book And Movie

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Ender’s Game Have you ever been called to war to save all of humanity? Ender’s game is about a young boy that is everyone’s last hope to stop the war that was about to come. Ender was trained to fight and give commands so that he could have full control of the entire fleet. With control of the fleet he could go and destroy the buggers once and for all. The book was better because it makes more sense than the movie. The book made it fell that it has more action. The movie was just straightforward by how Ender and his crew just when and killed them with no action. So the book was better then the movie in so many ways. The film and book have the same plots and themes. One example is war is a serious business, because war isn’t a game it is life or death so if Ender would of lost he would have been killed with the rest. Another example is adults and authority lie, because the adults and authority would turn around and lie so everyone so that they could get what they wanted. The final example is government cant be trusted, because the government would also lie and would get anyone to do there bidding for them so they wouldn’t have to do it themselves. Just like how they controlled Ender with the other cadets to get them to fight in the war. The similar traits about the book and movie are that, Ender fights in the same war…show more content…
I liked the book better than the movie because the book makes more sense than the movie and how it made the readers interested with all the action it had. The movie was not good because it was nothing like the book. The movie wasn’t interesting and everything was just straightforward, by how Ender and his crew just went and killed the entire bugger race in one shot. Then Ender goes and tries to save the last queen right after killing all of them. So the book is the better choice if people want action. If people don’t want action then the movie would be the better
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