Ender's Game Ethical Analysis

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Is Ender Wiggin a Murderer? Have you ever done something but you weren’t sure whether it was ethical or not? Or have you ever wondered why some things are ethical and some things are not in society? Who decides what is ethical or not? In the book Ender’s Game, the author Orson Scott Card uses Ender as a metaphor for the choices that people have to make every day. They want to benefit themselves, but they must also choose what is ethical. The IF uses Ender to their advantage and they will do whatever it takes to defeat the Buggers regardless of the effects on Ender or the number of rules broken. This shows that if morality is defined by society or significant powers such as the IF, then society will break apart and there will be consequences. Alongside all the wrongly set morals in the book, Ender is being forced to do many…show more content…
These morals cannot easily be changed and they are also regularly followed by the people. In Ender’s Game, Ender is used as a metaphor for those decisions that people have to make every day. The International Fleet, a staple of society, interferes and changes the rules. They are so potent that they can manipulate anything they want and they have lowered their set of morals to allow them to manipulate or “train” Ender. Ender states this himself in chapter 15, “I’ve spent my life as someone’s pawn” (Card 312). Even Ender has realized how whatever he does, he is not in control because the IF is so enormous. During the climax of the book, you begin to see the effect of Ender’s isolation and all the things that the IF has done to him. This includes the constant stream of challenges facing Ender, which shows that they will stop at nothing. Near the end of the book, it turned out that the IF was wrong and the war could have been avoided. This shows how when you rush into things, throw away morals, and don’t proceed without caution, terrible things can result from

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