Ender's Game Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Ender's Game novel written by Orson Scott Card in 1985. In 2013 the made it into a movie Director Gavin Hood. The movie Ender's Game based on the novel, but they are not completely the same. There are similarities in these two works of art. However, there are also differences. There are similarities and differences in the novel and the movie in love. In both the novel and the movie one of the recurring themes is love. Love plays a big part in both the novel and movie but the novel talks about love more often. Throughout the novel and the movie, love has always been not lasting, and it is all that Ender wants. Ender has never felt real love besides when he is with his sister Valentine. He was questioning that love too in the novel and movie. Ender needs to feel loved and wanted. Being in Battle School is bringing Ender down because he gets no love…show more content…
In both, the novel and movie at some points Ender has to deal with isolation from his friends and family. Ender is also isolated from his family besides Valentine the whole novel and movie. Ender would not have wanted to see them anyways. In the novel and the movie, Ender is also taken from his friends and put with Bonzo. In Ender’s Game as Ender is he leaving Alai says to Ender “Salaam” which is a sign of their everlasting friendship. Ender does go on to make never friends in Bonzo’s group, but he is then taken away from them too. Ender is set up against the people that he likes because they do not want him to get too attached to people. In both the novel and the movie Ender is set up in Battle School to fight against his friends who he does not want to hurt. Ender is set up to fight his friends because he will get close to them if he never fights against them. Since Ender is so isolated from his friends, this does not help him become better at some points. It messes him up more this shows how isolation can damage a child’s
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