Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

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In the movie version of Orson Scott Card's, Ender's Game, many differences compared to the content of the book were presented. Overall, it could be observed that the differences and additions to the book were a bad choice for such a great book because it was incompetent to match the theme, make character relationships well and developed, and its inability to correctly convey the main character, Ender Wiggins feeling as he moves up rank in the International Fleet. The movie presented various pieces of rising action which cheapened the thrill of the climax, and in ways when compared to the book, was somewhat ironic. In the book, there are three main characters: Ender, Valentine, and Peter. However, in the movie the crucial characters were Ender, Valentine, and Petra. Ender Wiggin, is a boy who is six as the book embarks, but is thirteen years of age, presumably, as the movie begins. It is revealed early on in the book that Ender is a 'third' which means he is a third child, which is unusual in the society because of the population restraints. The fact that Ender is a 'third' is important as he is a mixture of his terribly violent brother, Peter; but he is…show more content…
Also, the idea of self worth is given, in the book this idea is more exemplified as Ender tries to remind himself that he is not like Peter in any way. The idea of protection comes about as Ender learns to protect what is his, this is seen in the book and the movie as Ender fights to have something of his, that is love and affection. Overall, the main lesson learned from Ender is that people can change. Ender is called by the dying queen bugger to protect the cocoon which hold the fetus bugger and charges Ender to serve as its guardian even though he destroyed almost all of the bugger
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