Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Essay

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Ender’s Game: book to movie Imagine having to kill millions of helpless creatures only because you think they pose a threat. That is how the protagonist, named Ender Wiggin feels, in the book Ender 's Game, written by Orson Scott Card. He is offered the chance to go to battle school to train to fight a species of aliens, which they know very little about, called buggers. After Battle school he graduates to Command school and trains as a commander. He defeats the bugger population immediately regretting it and spend the rest of his life rebuilding the population. The book, Ender 's Game was overall more superior than the movie. There are many crucial elements in Ender 's Game that the storyline just can’t do without. For example, it is important to include Enders unwillingness to follow others commands. This trait of Ender’s proved to Colonel Graff that he is in fact ready to be promoted to a commander and graduate to battle school. Also, a big idea that is emphasized in both the book and the movie is ender 's reputation in battle school. Ender has a reputation of not only being the smartest one in the school but also the most violent which helps him to be set out from the rest. Without these elements, the…show more content…
For instance, in the movie, the relationship between Ender and his siblings is not shown as much as it did in the book. In the book, Ender often thought about his family, especially Valentine. With enders relationship not shown as much as it should in the movie, it drastically changes Also, the movie showed very little about the practice sessions that were held by ender. His practice sessions were where gained a lot of new friends and he built friendships. In the book, the friends Ender practiced with, were the ones that fought along side him in the last battle with the buggers. There were some differences among the book and movie which resulted in some
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