Ender's Game Self Identity Analysis

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Self-identity and discovering who you really are and what you believe in is one of the most important things in someone’s life. For Ender, this journey was a very important one and he found out a lot about himself and others. Ender’s Game, by Scott Orson Card, is a science fiction novel about a young boy, Ender, that has to go to Battle School to be trained as a commander for the International Fleet (I.F.) to save the world from being annihilated by “buggers.” During this training, Ender goes through and overcomes many obstacles, such as other school attendees that do not want him to succeed and internal struggles to not be like his brother. Throughout the book, these obstacles let Ender make huge realizations of his true self and give him…show more content…
Ender uses this because his peers and the adults at Battle School and on Earth doubt his capabilities and do not respect him. He based many of his actions on the premise that it is just him and his opponent and no one else to help him out. For example, his peers on Earth were making fun of him for having his monitor removed and for being a third and he resorted to violence to win the battle along with every other one. “And as soon as they did, Ender kicked out high and hard, catching Stilson square in the breastbone. He dropped…He kicked Stilson in the face. Blood from his nose spattered the ground nearby”(7-8). Ender is only six but he knew the rules of warfare, not to kick a man while he is on the ground. He did this anyways so that Stilson and his friends would leave him alone once and for all. This is a perfect example of how Ender conducts himself at the beginning of his journey, using violence to force his peers to respect him. Although Ender used violence to solve this conflict, he does not want to become and act like his brother at the same time. Ender’s brother, Peter, is very vicious with him and threatens to kill him on one occasion. Ender wishes not to change in a bad way, like his older brother did. ”Ender leaned his head against the wall of the corridor and cried until the bus came. I am just like Peter. Take my monitor away, and I am just…show more content…
During Ender’s journey, he went through many obstacles and difficulties that led him to realizations that impacted some of his major life choices. Ender went through various different training schools and fleets throughout his journey, many of these schools caused conflict with Ender and what he believed in. At the beginning of the book Ender dealt with the situations through force, and toward the end he dealt with them through logic and caring. Ended found who he is, which is one of the most important things a
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