Ender's Game Theme Analysis

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Oftentimes, people change due to them growing up and changing and not always in the best way. The same type of revelation occurs for the character Ender Wiggin in the novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The author uses conflict and characterization to convey the theme that all people have the capacity for ruthlessness. In the novel, Ender’s Game the author uses conflict the theme. For example, Ender faces an external conflict with his commander Bonzo, who is “full of hate” toward him (Card 209). Bonzo creates a conflict because he is angry that Ender is winning many of the battles that occur at the Battle School. This displays the theme because there is a conflict and Bonzo is being ruthless during the conflict between the two boys. Late Bonzo rallies some other people to fight Ender in the bathroom. This leads to a fight. “I knocked him out standing up. It was like he was dead, standing there. And I kept hurting him” (Card 222). This quote displays the theme because Ender is picked to be in the Battle School because he is equal parts…show more content…
Ender faces external conflicts with Bonzo because Bonzo is jealous of Ender for succeeding at the Battle School. Ender deals with conflicts within himself because he feels he is becoming Peter, who is a terrible and ruthless person. Ender is a static character because his motivation is consistent throughout the whole book, he wants to win the Bugger War and defeat the Buggers. Peter is a dynamic character because he changes and his motivation changes throughout the book, from being ruthless to a compassionate person. Many leaders in the past and present are ruthless, an example of a ruthless leader could be Adolf Hitler because he had many people murdered. Ender didn’t have the capacity for ruthlessness, it is important to recognize this quality in people in high power positions, such as
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