Ender's Journey

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Imagine trying to save all humankind. Seems like a pretty big task, right? Try saving the world as a child. As Ender grows through the story, Ender realizes he is more mature for his age than any other boys or girls there. At the start of the story, Ender is visited by colonel Graff to go participate in Battle School. Ender then goes and is faced with challenges everyday to test who he is. Ender finally destroys the buggers, but finds out that they weren 't trying to hurt the humans. These important parts are shown in both the book and the movie, however the book is a better showing of Ender’s journey. There are multiple themes and plots that are necessities for Ender’s journey. One plot that was noticed was that Ender has a free pass to be a killer. When Ender kills Stilson and Bonzo, Colonel Graff immediately defends Ender by saying those kids deserved to die. Another point is, when Ender beats the simulated Giant game. He is the only one that has ever done so. The last necessary plot is when Ender leads the Dragon Army to win every battle they were in. It shows that no one can beat Ender and it also represents that Ender is the quintessential recruit that the I.F. needs. Those are the main points, themes and plots that are critical for a proper portrayal of Ender’s Game.…show more content…
One important similarity is that Ender fights his way to command the Dragon Army and no one is able to stop it. Another similarity is that Ender kills the buggers but then feels great remorse. One last similarity that was noticed is that Mazer treats Ender as if Ender is going to be the commander that saves the humans. Mazer takes Ender under his wing and gives Ender the wisdom and tips he needs to be the most successful recruit in battle school. These similarities worked well because they were necessary for a good
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