Summary Of Ender's Teacher Chapter 14

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Chapter14 “Enders Teacher” Chapter Summary In this chapter Ender arrives at the Command School. Where he meets his new teacher Mazor Rackham. Mazor tells Ender how we went away for a while so he can be alive to teach the commander for the Third Invasion. Ender begins training with the simulations and then begins training to command a whole fleet. The fleet consist of his best friends from Battle School. They practice and train together and fight the battles against the buggers in the simulation. Mazor tells Ender how we won against the buggers and then they watch the video of the old battles. Ender begins to have bad dreams of the buggers and now barely sleeps. He becomes ill for a few days. When he wakes up he has to fight the final battle…show more content…
This quote is important because it shows that the queen of the buggers wanted to make peace with them but they couldn’t communicate with the humans. Another important quote that shows Enders book become a big part of people lives as the Speaker of the Dead is “On Earth it remained a religion among many religions,” (Scott, Card323). This quote is important because it shows that Ender’s idea of Speaker of the Dead had a big effect on the people of Earth and of Enders planet. Character Analysis Ender is a special character. He is a young boy, a hero, and the commander of an IF fleet, ruler of a planet, and many other things. He is a very different character from the other characters in the book. He has his own way of thinking from the other characters he can knows how to handle things that are thrown at him. Mostly the constant pressure. His actions are thought out he just simply knows what he is doing. Ender has a very unique personality no character in this book has personality that relates to his. Overall Ender is a real special
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