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The chapter begins with a conversation about the other Wiggin child, Valentine, specifically for the reason that the two anonymous characters need Ender to go with them and they fear that Ender’s love for Valentine will prevent him from leaving. The conversation conveys the idea that it is imperative for one of them to retrieve Ender for sake of success. The reader reenters Ender’s life while he is at the breakfast table preoccupied with his thoughts about how school is going to turn out considering the fact with Stilson. While pondering, a man wearing an International Fleet (I.F) uniform approaches interrupting breakfast; he begins to speak with the parents then calls Ender into the room, causing Peter to get angry in the hopes that it is…show more content…
Ender is surprised by the offer considering the fact that they have already removed his monitor, which is soon revealed by Colonel Graff as a final test and thus he passed. Ender passes because Graff is satisfied not with hurting Stilson but for his motivation which was a sign that Ender was unlike his brother. While Graff was speaking it became much clearer that Ender as a third was only born due to I.F consent making him I.F property. Though he was practically I.F property Graff did not force him to go to battle school, but Graff asked the parents to leave the room so he could begin to persuade him in attending. Graff begins to persuade Ender saying things such as his parents may love him, but they will not miss him because of how difficult he is, then he begins to tell Ender about how his father was one of nine kids and the persecution he underwent. The conversation about Ender’s father shed light on the fact that over the years the sanctions on the amount of kids one could have, became very strong and strict. Graff then goes on to Ender’s mother stating that she is a Mormon, although they may have given up their religion publically they still hold many religious opinions and Ender tournaments them because he serves as a living example of all the kids she could have had. Graff goes on to

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