Julius Caesar Interdisciplinary Studies

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Julius Caesar: an interdisciplinary study
-Shruti Adaval XI C

Julius Caesar, a name imprinted in bold gold letters in the history of times. There was never a man better than him in military leadership and probably, will never be. He was like a shining star who bestowed his wishes upon Rome and engraved his name in world history forever. He left his mark in all fields of life: war, politics, love, etc. He was absolutely devoted to his work and gave his full in everything that he did. He was a man of honor. His people loved him dearly, but of course, like any other nation, there were people who envied him and desired to be in the position he held. Thus, he had enemies too. Julius Caesar loved his country, Rome. He
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He had the natural ability to lead. One of the most famous military campaigns by Caesar is the Gallic war. On the decision of the triumvirate Crassus moved on to conquer Parthia and Caesar led an expedition to Gaul. Gaul, at that time, was said to be unsteady. There, Rome’s allies had been defeated by the Gallic rivals with the help of Ariovistus and then there was Helvetti too. Caesar defeated both of them and entered Gaul. In the following years, he increased his army to a great extent and defeated the people of Gaul in different phases with bravery. From what Julius Caesar wrote about the wars there, information about Gaul is gathered. He stayed there for complete 9 years to finish his conquest and returned home as a…show more content…
He always claimed that he was not afraid of anything and he proved it true when he went to the senate house even after hearing Calpurnia’s dream about his murder. He had always known that that some people had an evil and envious eye on him, but he didn’t let that thought bother him because he believed that no one could kill him. He was filled with pride. Pride- which turned negative for him. Also, he was easily flattered. Anyone who praised him and his doings would be added in his good list.
Even after having some minor flaws, Caesar was mighty. It was reflected from his power and demeanor. He was bold and royal. He was loving too. He loved everyone dearly. He was honorable and valiant. He was a man whose name was like a flash of electric current. Just his name was this powerful. He had achieved where he was. He was a river of confidence and tornado of bravery. He was a very dedicated person too. He devoted his everything to his work. He respected people who loved him like Mark Antony, Brutus, Calpurnia, etc.
Even after his death, he was so powerful that he revenged his killers in his own way. He remained alive in the lives and voices of people who loved him, respected him, admired him and even hated him. Stories of his heroic achievements were told thereafter and are still being told today. He still lives in the memory of Rome and the
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