Endo-Tech LLC Case Study

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Endo-Tech USA, LLC is a limited liability company founded in 2010 in southeastern USA, in order to help medical companies with breakthrough technologies to effectively enter the market in Latin America and the Caribbean through an effective network and an extensive knowledge of the market. Endo-Tech staff has over 20 years of experience in the market and meet the regulatory process in each country in Latin America and the Caribbean, facilitating the sale and distribution in the region. Its main office is located near Miami, Florida due to its strategic position to serve the region. The organization consists of four employees in which two of them are owners. Employees are paid in a monthly salary basis with payroll being processed on the 15th…show more content…
In the words of Froeb, McCann, Shor, and Ward, in order to create incentives an organization must first have ways of measuring both behavior and overall performance (Froeb et. al., 2016). Thus, in order for the accountability piece to happen, a performance metric or an employee evaluation rubric is what should serve as a guide for both managers and staff. This instrument of evaluation should be utilized as a model where both the evaluator and person being evaluated collaborate to thoroughly analyze their performance and to develop a plan to either continue reinforcing the positive qualities and attributes or to devise a system for improvement. The emphasis of this evaluation model is to establish an open line of communication between managers and staff and to help gather data that can be instrumental in any management design changes that could be made in the future. With that focus in mind, it then becomes imperative to have a well-developed performance metric that outlines key categories that have an immense impact on everyone working in this organization. After the categories are established, then the evaluation can use a ranking system to demonstrate the proficiency or effectiveness of the employee in any specific…show more content…
Yet perhaps the greatest risk is the opportunity to increase profitability by providing substandard products into the developing nations of Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. As those nations increasingly move to government health care there will be an increase in both access to and use of medical devices and in some cases this can lead to overuse and misuse. Since the cost to the consumers is often zero in such cases it is easy for consumers to take advantage of the system, and for medical providers to profit from such over access. However, the increase in cost to welfare state can be burdening to the society as a whole (Nyman,

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