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Career development

My current position as a fellow in the Division of Endocrinology has provided me a tremendous research opportunity and added to my enthusiasm to become an academic researcher in the field of beta-cell proliferation and regeneration. Under the guidance of my mentors, I started early in my fellowship training to explore that field by studying the prognostic outcome of auto islet cell transplantation in patients with chronic pancreatitis who undergo total pancreatectomy. Successful completion of that project was the starting point that prompted me to choose Dr. George Gittes, who is a well-known expert in that field.
My long-term goal is to become an independent researcher in the field of beta cell proliferation and regeneration,
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I currently work on advancing my basic knowledge and understanding the physiology, and biochemistry of glucose homeostasis by reading the recent advances in the field of beta cell neogenesis, and diabetes, attending educational meetings, seminars, and conferences.
B. I expand my understanding of the experimental designs, statistical analysis, and data interpretation by taking courses and attending workshops provided by the University of Pittsburgh (i.e. attend courses offered by the Molecular Biology department including RNA-Seq Analysis, Pathway Analysis), presenting, and attending journal clubs, and attending conferences.
C. Learn more about career development by taking courses on career development and how to write grant proposals.
D. Master the following research methods and scientific techniques that is relevant to beta cell proliferation research field:
· Dynamic glucose homeostasis tests including intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test, insulin tolerance test, and in vivo glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (already has made substantial progress and I am independent)
· Intraductal pancreatic infusion surgery, partial pancreatectomy, and pancreatic duct ligation (I already made substantial progress and I become
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