Endoscopic Septoplasty Essay

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When endoscopic septoplasty is performed in conjunction with ESS, little additional instrumentation is required. Topical epinephrine, oxymetazoline, or cocaine are used to decongest the nasal mucosa before the procedure. Endoscope is used to examine the nasal cavity. If ESS is planned, the position of the septum to the middle turbinates is noted. The middle turbinate attaches anteriorly to axilla of the middle turbinate and superiorly to the lateral nasal wall. It serves as an important landmark. the surgeon may have difficulty with access and visualization during ESS or in the postoperative period if the axilla is visualized. In cases of narrow nasal cavity, for improved endoscopic access and visualization, the septal mucosal flaps may be ‘‘retracted’’.Superior aspect of septum and septal body are additional considerations. . One-percent lidocaine with…show more content…
The cribriform plate injury with cerebrospinal fluid leak may occur if the dissection is taken too high. Maintenance of proper orientation during dissection is important, and occasional reorientation by placing the scope within the nasal cavity may be helpful. . In a report of 116 patients undergoing endoscopic septoplasty, 4.3% of patients reported transient dental pain or hypesthesia, while less than 1% of patients suffered from epistaxis or septal hematoma following surgery.
A useful technique well suited to ESS is Endoscopic septoplasty. Optimal illumination and visualization of tissue planes, ability to more accurately assess nasal anatomy without the distortion of a nasal speculum is provided by this technique. . Through the use of a monitor, the technique enables many observers to watch the procedure, which is useful in a teaching setting. Endoscopic septoplasty has lower complication rates and shortens operative time compared to traditional septoplasty techniques. To ensure optimal healing following surgery, regular postoperative nasal endoscopy is a useful

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