The Importance Of Endoscope

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Blood is one of the most important liquid inside the human body, it has about 4-6 L of blood. Blood circulate inside our body. Losing blood could be really dangerous because blood is liquid that circulate the oxygen inside the human body and the blood wont also circulate which will make the heart stop to pump. Open surgery is one of the cause why people could experience blood loss. Blood loss will occur when an open surgery is preceded, the doctor need to open the layer of skin one by one. Every time the doctor open a new layer of skin with the scalpel blood will comes out. There’s a lot of risk in preceding an open surgery, because if a person lost too much blood then they will die. Even though sometimes its can be a successful one.

One of the solutions to this problem is endoscope. Endoscope is a medical device that substitute the scalpel when doing the surgery. Endoscope allows doctor to work by seeing the screen, because they have long tube that have camera which will help see the image of the detail part of the human body. When using the scalpel the doctor needs to open a wide space to proceed the surgery. Using endoscope will minimize the space that is going to be cut, because it just need a small hole so that the camera could enter the body. There are certain places where endoscope
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The lens system is for transmitting the image from the fiberscope. Lastly the channel, it allows other medical instruments to enter the human body. Those are 4 main component of the device, the rest of the components are basically inside those main parts. There are types of endoscope, because different diseases that different treatment some of theme are Amnioscopy, Bronchoscopy, Colonoscopy, Fetoscopy, and Rhinoscopy. Some of them are use for the amniotic canity, lungs, colon fetus, and inside

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