Endotracheal Tube Philosophy Essay

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Applying the Endotracheal Tube Philosophy in Your Life Challenge You may have been in a position that feels like you are choking. That breathing seems difficult. Things around you just got tangled up and you no longer have a space to breathe. And since you can no longer breathe on your own, you suddenly cry out for someone to at least help you out to gain that air you need. This situation is comparable to a patient, unconsciously lying in bed for operation. The patient has a tendency to have difficulty in breathing. Surgeons normally use endotracheal tube with subglottic suction to secure patients ability to breath. It serves as an open passage through the upper airway. In that sense, if the patient loses its capacity to breath, the tube…show more content…
Sometimes it gets difficult to get some air that we call on with things that could help us out. We talk to psychologist or use religious figures to help us out from giving up. It is best to identify the things that we can do to help ourselves out. You first need to know the problem. Admit that you need help. No patient can be helped out if he hides something from the doctor. We may not be talking about physical problem here, but normally these problems causes more damage than any other physical illnesses. Get your case figured and be brave to admit you want help. It would be easier to fix a problem if you face and fix it at the first stage. But if it had gone a long way and you are already on a situation that you cannot breathe anymore, then do not waste any more time. Walk out of that situation the soonest time possible. There are a lot of figures around that could help you. Just like how an endotracheal tube helps out an unconscious patient to hold on to his life, there is always solution. Find a place where you can find peace. Go for a vacation and leave all your burdens behind for a moment. Sometime you just need a little time to think things over. Reassemble your ideas and a solution suddenly pops
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