Endovenous Laser Treatment

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Endovenous laser treatment is one of the most popular treatments to remove varicose veins and there is good reason for this. It is minimally invasive, requires very little, if any, recovery time and has no post-procedure pain. You can say goodbye to unsightly bulging, twisted veins, swollen legs, itching and pain. Endovenous means inside the vein and ablation means heat. A catheter is guided into the affected vein using ultrasound, and a thin laser fiber is threaded into the catheter, which is then pulled out. The laser fiber is precisely placed at one end of the affected vein. Once the laser fiber is placed the full extent of the vein, heat from the laser is applied and the fiber is slowly pulled out of the vein causing the vein walls to collapse. When this happens, the blood naturally flows through healthy veins. The damaged vein is gradually absorbed by the body and disappears. There are several advantages of endovenous laser treatment over other treatments for varicose veins. Some advantages are: • Only local anesthesia is required. You do not need general anesthesia as you do with surgery. • The treatment is quick, usually finished in less than one hour. • There are fewer complications possible because the treatment is minimally invasive. • The recovery time is…show more content…
Some causes cannot be avoided such as the normal aging process and heredity. However, you can modify your lifestyle to avoid developing varicose veins. Jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing can put extra pressure on the heart and veins to keep the blood flowing from the feet back to the heart. Hormonal issues such as pregnancy, menopause and birth control pills may also weaken veins so that they twist and bulge. The lack of physical exercise may also contribute to developing varicose veins. Exercise keeps the muscles in the legs strong, so they work well to keep the blood

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