Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Summary

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‘Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage’ is a book about the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and the survival of 25 of the men who beat the odds of death after facing ice that was crashing and freezing up onto the sides of their ship, having to abandon the “Endurance” when she couldn’t handle the pressure from the ice floes and later sunk into the ocean and surviving the below zero temperatures with only what the crew could salvage from the ship and what they could gather from the nature around them, to finally be rescued. Alfred Lansing spent his time on creating this book and recreating the story of the ship and crew’s journey for readers, but what is the significance of this book? The durability of the Endurance ship crew shows their…show more content…
Once the ship was unusable, the men salvaged what they could use off of the ship and moved to a stable area near the ship. Every thing they could grab from the ship was used in some way. The dogs they had brought were used for hunting and also for eating, in some cases. Lifeboats were created from the scavenged wood planks of the ship and tents were made from canvas that was in the vessel, even if there wasn’t anything to place them on except the ice which would soak the cloth and create cold conditions. All the men keep trying to make life sustainable for themselves and to be able to survive whilst being in the middle of nowhere. Shackleton made sure the team kept moving each day and moving their camp as much as they possibly could in order to be able to reach the nearest town which was about miles away. On average, Shackleton’s log stated that they managed to travel about two miles per day on foot, which was their only way of transportation on land. Each step they took, they knew very well that they could be taking a trip to nowhere and not knowing what obstacles would be in their futures. With that very same thought, they trusted their crew members and continued onto that path, hoping that next step would be the very best position that they could be in the next
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