Enduring Love Act 1 Scene 1 Essay

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In Scene 1, Marilla states that “She would never dream of taking in a girl!” When Marilla discovered that her brother, Matthew, had brought in a girl. Marilla originally return the girl in exchange for a boy. But later on in the act, she ends up developing a passion for Anne after she tells the story about how she ended up where she is now. I think Marilla develops a passion for the girl because she felt sorry for the girl. After she told the story, I believe Marilla views the girl in an entire different way than she did before. When Marilla first saw Anne, she was surprised as she expected to get a boy. In Scene 2, Marilla states that “She wanted a boy to help Matthew with the farm”. So Marilla houses the girl for the night and the next day she heads to Mrs. Spencer to sort out the mess. This…show more content…
Spencer walked into the office to talk to Marilla about the situation. However, the story states that “After Marilla heard the story about Anne’s past, she felt sorry for the girl and decided to keep her”. I think this will affect her relationship with the orphan because when Matthew first returned with Anne, Marilla didn’t know anything about Anne’s past. Now that Anne told her story, Marilla views Anne in an entirely different way than she had before. Marilla probably felt sorry for Anne and then decided to keep her as shown in the text where it states “She and Matthew never decided to get rid of her.” After the conference, Marilla shows sympathy towards Anne as demonstrated in the last part of Scene 3. I think Marilla judged Anne by her appearance and not by her personality and when Marilla learned more about Anne’s past life, she then developed a passion for Anne and decided to keep her after hearing about her past life rather judging her on her physical appearance and then trading her for a male orphan. That’s how I believe this will affect her relationship with Anne and Anne’s story about her past life caused Marilla to change her
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