Energizer Swot Analysis

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Energizer Holdings Inc. is an American producer of batteries and personal care products, famous for such brand names as Energizer, Wilkinson Sword, Schick, Playtex, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic. The company is operating in more than 160 countries, including Russia and CIS. The two core brands presented in Russian market are Energizer and Schick.
Let’s have a brief overview of the Company’s history. The roots came from Eveready Battery Company, which retitled its alkaline power cell into Energizer in 1980. After 6 years Eveready Company was sold to Ralston Purina, food producer. In 2000 Eveready was transformed into independent company and listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as Energizer Holdings Inc. In 2003 Energizer began expansion
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bought the Stayfree, Carefree and o.b brands from Johnson & Johnson for $185 million in 2013. The purchase was only for the brands in North America - Johnson & Johnson continues to own the brands in all other regions of the world.

3.2. Strategies of Energizer

The corporate charter of Energizer states that the mission of the company is to streamline and improve the life of consumers through innovation in the unique way. First of all, Energizer Inc. is a company of challengers – people packed with interest, creativity, and a powerful will to win. Perhaps it’s a product innovation or a fresh strategic solution for a client. There is a always a wish to make it better and more effective.

Secondly, the size gives opportunity to be more prompt. The company is small and flexible, so it’s easier to promote interesting ideas and innovative products to the marketplace.

Third, Energizer Inc. has an open, collaborative environment. People interact, they connect, they build on each other’s ideas and produce effective solutions. There is a rich diversity of backgrounds here, so people can discover new solutions they may not have found on their own. The company puts a high premium on personal initiative and respect, so everyone is encouraged to speak up and has the confidence that they’ll be
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We will further proceed with Porter’s Five Forces in order to depict the macroeconomic situation of the market and the position the company has.
Product classification
On the figure below (Figure 2) the classification of the products Energizer has in its portfolio in the segment of batteries is presented. We see that batteries are divided into two segments- standard and miniatures. Standard ones can be primary, ordinary batteries and secondary, ones that can be recharged. Primary batteries have three types- zinc, alkaline and lithium. Zinc composed mainly of zinc and manganese dioxide shell, carbon electrodes, acids, salts and water. Designed for daily use devices such as alarm clocks, remote controls for televisions, toys, radio, flashlights. Alkaline pieces are long-term source of energy for all electrical devices, such as electronic toys or flashlights. The use of zinc and manganese purified dioxide powder in production of alkaline batteries makes their life much longer. Lithium segment is composed of lithium and provide energy for all digital electrical devices for a long time, no matter whether you use

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