Energy Conservation Research Paper

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Abstract—Air conditioner is one of the major energy consuming devices. Energy conservation possibility is analyzed in the proposed system. The proposed system has two inputs temperature and humidity and two outputs fan speed and fan spinning time. The temperature and humidity is controlled by controlling the cooling valves and heating valves. Using MATLAB toolbox fuzzy control rules are formed and simulated. The proposed scheme leads to saving in energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable level of cooling in their occupancy.
Index Terms—Fuzzy logic, MATLAB simulation, Inference engine, Air conditioning system, Rule selection.
Energy consumption has become a major issue for in today’s world. Buildings are the fastest
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A home energy audit is often used to identify cost effective ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of buildings. In energy management energy auditing is a key for its approach in decision making. The objective of the energy audit is to determine different ways from which energy can be consumed per unit of product output and to lower the operating costs. The energy audit that has to be performed depends on its function and type of machines used and also depends on potential and magnitude of cost reduction desired. The issues include the building behavior and the interactions with weather, occupancy and operating schedules. In HVAC system the three-way control valves are present in the existing hot water piping in boiler room that reset the temperature based on outside temperature. Unit ventilators, air handling units and baseboard radiation provide heating and ventilation in the building. Many laboratories have unit ventilators that provide heat and fresh air in the space. All the laboratories in the buildings are connected to common exhaust fan that remove air from the…show more content…
Zadeh of the University of California at Berkeley in a 1965 paper. Research and development is also working more about fuzzy applications in software, including fuzzy expert systems and integration of fuzzy logic. Fuzzy can be in hardware and software and can be used in anything from small circuits to large mainframe. Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) is based on the concepts of fuzzy sets, linguistic variables and approximate reasoning. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of an FLC system. It consists of a Fuzzifier, Inference engine, Fuzzy Rule Base, and Defuzzifier. Fuzzy knowledge base helps in selection of membership functions of a primary fuzzy set. The source from which fuzzy control rules to be derived is known as fuzzy rule

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