Energy Drink Research Paper

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1. PROVIDES BETTER ENERGY IN THE BODY – Energy drinks provides more energy in the body when someone is tired due to work load. Energy drinks produces feeling of alertness, productivity, capacity to do work, etc. Energy drinks are drinks that boost mental and physical activity. Caffeine is the main ingredient in the energy drinks and act as a drug that blocks adenosine (a chemical that involves in tiredness) pathways and gives a boost of energy while allowing to feel good in the brain and the body. The caffeine is absorbed within 30-50 minutes after consuming a can of energy drink in the body. 2. ACTS AS A REFRESHING AGENT
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Energy drinks produces feelings of awareness, wakefulness and capacity to do work when we feel like sleepy, lazy, etc.
2. The amount of caffeine can vary considerably that is why there is a standardized amount of caffeine in each can of energy drinks which can help the consumer to select the right energy drink for them to consume.
3. Energy drinks are served as cold beverages, that can be consume faster than hot beverages such as coffee or tea.
4. Energy drinks have different types of flavours and brands that can attract the consumer which hot beverages such as coffee or tea do not attract the people much.
5. Energy drinks also acts as an additional supplement to increase their effects such as vitamins, taurine, minerals and other herbs.
6. Energy drinks are cold beverages which also acts as a refreshing agent to the body when the person is too tired.
7. Energy drinks are cheaper than Starbucks coffee or tea. Branded energy drinks such as Red Bull costs Rs. 140/- (350 ml) which is much cheaper than Starbucks coffee or tea (espresso – short – Rs.
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HEART COMPLICATION – Caffeine and other ingredients in the energy drinks can increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine is the ingredient which can influence the heart beat due to the liberate of calcium from the heart cells. Caffeine and other ingredients in the energy drink also increase the blood pressure which can damage the normal balance of salts in the body. These complications can cause many health problems such as arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, hypertension, coronary heart failure, etc. Highly caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots may enhance sports performance and keep someone alert and attentive but the risk of getting too much of caffeine intake can endanger the heart at any age. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, etc. are not the same like sports drinks, coffee or ted. Energy drinks contains up to 500 mg of caffeine per can or bottle compared with 100 mg in a typically one cup of coffee or about 50 mg in caffeinated

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