Energy Drinks Argument Analysis

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Opponents of energy drinks argue the statement that energy drinks significantly contribute to caffeine intoxication, obesity, sleep deprivation, and various other concerns in youth. According to the study in source six, “On average, the GPA of students who usually sleep at least seven hours per weeknight is 0.10 points higher than students who sleep five to six hours”. Overall, source six is emphasizing that the students whom may drink greater amounts of caffeine at night sleep less, which overall can lead to a potential decrease in their GPA. Furthermore, opponents also argue that energy drinks can potentially lead to health concerns in youth students. On source nine it states that, “If you take in large amounts of caffeine, such as energy drinks, it might lead to side effects of anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal irritation.” Overall, source nine is explaining to readers the effects of energy drinks on ones…show more content…
For example, on source one it emphasizes, “Your neurons are more active and you feel more energized.” Source nine is explaining to readers that if your body intakes more caffeine, such as energy drinks, your neurons will begin to me more active, which in the end makes our bodies feel energized. Moreover, supporters also argue that energy drinks give you quick energy. In fact, a study done by “What Happens 24 Hours After Drinking An Energy Drink (Source three) states that “From 15-45 minutes is the overall time your caffeine level peaks in your bloodstream. You will begin to feel more alert as the stimulant begins to affect you, at the same time not only improving concentration, but how alert you are.” Source three is emphasizing the main use of energy drinks is not only for the fast energy but for how your body overall utilizes the energy that can potentially lead to making a human being, more alert or
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