Energy Drinks Informative Speech

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Good morning dear friends. today I am going to speak to you about energy drinks. How many of you present here consume caffeinated drinks? Ah ha almost everyone present seems to be hooked on to them. I can see all hands are raised. Well, I too was once an addict like you, I have been through the same phase, some of you might feel a strong resistance to this statement initially, some might relate me to their parents who constantly nag you, others may just plain hate me. But for me, I just need one thing from you which is to believe me. Why ? Because I have spent the last few months reading, researching and experimenting with energy drinks and any statement I will be making today has been backed up by research made by renowned universities…show more content…
The reports of toxicity raise concern for potentially serious unpropitious effects in association with energy drink use. For the temporary period, pediatricians need to be aware of the likely consequences of these beverages on the vulnerable groups and share the adverse effects of its consumption to educate individuals. Long-term research should intend to comprehend the effects in at-risk groups. Toxicity inspection should be enhanced, and ordinances of energy drink sales and consumption should be based on suitable research. Comparing these beverages to alcohols, the only difference one may be able to identify is that alcohol is not marketed to minors whereas these caffeine-rich products are, which just makes the case worse. Which is also why I strongly think there should be a legal drinking age be imposed on energy drinks. We being the educated individuals that we are, should become more vigilant. Knowledge is power and alerting each other to the possible danger of these beverages is vital. I hope each one of y'all will take back some learning from my speech and try to create awareness and educate others about this matter and think twice before consuming energy drinks. So my fellow mates please chose wisely because Red Bull can really give you, your pair of wings ( *euphemism for one who is about to die
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