Energy: The Different Types Of Wind Energy

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There are many types of energy production that are currently being utilized nowadays. In a sense, humans can also produce their own energy by the use of sound. But nowadays, energy has been used in the form of electricity. In which many types of electricity production take places such as hydroelectric power plants, geothermal power plants, oil power plants, and the windmills by the use of wind energy.
Wind energy is the energy produced by the wind turbines inside a windmill. It is mounted on a tower to capture most energy provided by the wind. Most windmills are 100 feet high or higher and can produce energy depending on the turbulence of the wind. (Renewable Energy World, 2015)
Windmills have been known since the early years of civilization
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A wind turbine is a machine that spins around in a moving fluid and catches some of the wind passing by. The propellers or the rotor blades are the ones that capture the kinetic energy from the wind which spins the rotor. The generator is the part of the turbine that acts like a dynamo. Which as it spins around, it generates energy and produces electricity depending on the power of the wind. (Woodford, 2007)
According to Moyo (2016), Wind energy, which involves using air to turn turbines and generate electricity, is regarded as one of the most reliable, cheap, renewable and clean forms of power that do not pollute the environment in comparison to other types such as thermal.
Nowadays, windmills have been used for alternative energy purposes. Others for tourism purposes and there are also windmills that are still being used for agricultural purposes. But nowadays, the windmills are mostly known for energy production, which can be used as an alternative to the dependence on fossil fuels. Since fossil fuels are being burnt and ignited for the generation of electricity, its emission into the atmosphere causes ozone layer destruction which follows to global warming. According to Alternative Energy (2015), Windmills have been around for almost 1500 years and it has recently been discovered that wind power can compete with fossil fuels in energy
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According to The Japan Times (2015), the global wind power capacity now tops nuclear energy for the first time. China led all other countries in wind energy generation capacity with 145.10 GW (gigawatts). Beijing is now currently promoting wind power to shift from coal and other fossil fuels to combat air pollution and global warming. Other countries have also considered on improving the wind energy generation. As of last year, the United States ' wind energy generation capacity had 74.47 GW, followed by Germany with 44.95 GW, then India with 25.09 GW and then Spain with 23.03 GW, and Japan with 3.04
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