Why Is Law Enforcement Important

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I chose this topic as my research paper because their performance concerned me over this past few years. I wanted to know how law enforcement are effective in enforcing the law and what factors can prevent it to happen. I develop an interest toward law enforcers and how I admire them because of their efforts. They’re willing to risk their lives and vowed to protect the public with their capabilities.
Law enforcement is a system where individuals or group of members are willing to maintain public safety in an organized manner. Law enforcers have really a big role and responsibility to protect us. It is their job to solve crime and help the society when they’re in need.
1. What is Law Enforcement?
Law enforcement refers
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They’ll tend to complain more about their job, create a negative environment and other things that can lead to the decrease of their performance too.
Understanding Coordination Work
Understanding coordination in working is vital. Let’s focus on public police forces. Understanding coordination work is very important for several reasons. One of the reasons of course that obviously, when police fails to do their duties and fail to coordinate their activities, things such as crimes can easily slip through can create a huge problem. Other than that, understanding coordination can show us if each individuals are ready to respond to problems. If they’re unable to coordinate major crimes, it can tell us that they’re not well equipped to respond to smaller scales problems.
Personal Response
It is clear that there are factors that can affect their performance. It is crucial to keep good morale and positivity around them in order for them to work easily. In my opinion, communication is the key. With agencies having a good connection with each other can improve them to work better in a good manner and help to strengthen the law throughout the whole
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They tend to say that officers have a big role and responsibility to keep the peace throughout the nation and that they need to help the society when the society needs help. In some locations, law enforcers such as the police gives less effort to help the society and this can affect how the society view them in general. For example, Mexicans. Most Mexicans would say that police are trash and other negative opinions about them. This is usually caused by how the police treated them. They treated them badly and of course eventually the society would treat them badly too. It is very important for them to treat each other in a good manner and based on a clip I saw, the society encouraged law enforcers to be trained to not use force. They only needed to use force to avoid bigger crimes from happening. They believe that it is better for them to use force when lives are being threatened, other than that they think it’s wrong to use force in smaller cases in order to keep

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