Enforcing The Law: The Importance Of Law Enforcement

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Rationale I chose this topic as my research paper because their performance concerned me over this past few years. I wanted to know how law enforcement are effective in enforcing the law and what factors can prevent it to happen. I develop an interest toward law enforcers and how I admire them because of their efforts. They’re willing to risk their lives and vowed to protect the public with their capabilities. Introduction Law enforcement is a system where individuals or group of members are willing to maintain public safety in an organized manner. Law enforcers have really a big role and responsibility to protect us. It is their job to solve crime and help the society when they’re in need. 1. What is Law Enforcement? Law enforcement refers to any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law. It describes the individuals and agencies responsibilities to strengthen the law and maintaining public order and public safety. Personal Response Law enforcements are individuals and agencies that are willing to risk their lives in order to enforce the laws and protect the society. They are responsible of controlling crimes happening and prevent it from happening to the society. If they fail to do their job, crimes will break in and that’s when conflicts would emerge. I’m afraid there are holes in their system where crimes can break through it easily. 2. To what extent values can affect law enforcers in strictly enforcing the law? The

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