Eng 104 Week 1 Assignment

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This semester I took ENG 104, Creative Writing at the Maui College. In this assignment, we needed to research different types of screenplays and select the one that best matches with what kind of story we wanted to write. I decided to do a TV screenplay for a TV series. It was about a town murder and three teenagers(the main characters) are trying to figure out who did it and clearing their own names since the town thinks they did it. This assignment addresses Information Skills because this class is all about researching different kinds of writings and poetry. In this case, we needed to do research on different kinds of screenplays. This was difficult for me since I 've never written a screenplay before. Plus, I didn 't have as much time as everyone else.…show more content…
Since I was off-island and only had a week and a half with the assignment. This gave me limited time and it increased the urgency of getting my sources right. My professor said that she was grading us on the format of the screenplay instead of the content. It was important that I made sure I had the right format for my screenplay. I am proud of this assignment because it took a lot of time and I actually grew to love the assignment. It took time, to find the right format, research my questions on what the font or order of the content would be. It was interesting and fun to write a different type of writing style. I improved on Information Skills by that I learned what kind of sources professors/teachers love and what sources they dislike. I also learned that there is no harm in asking the teacher what kind of sources they suggest. This has proven to be helpful and decreased the amount of time I would have spent on researching for
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