Engage The 9 To 5 Window Analysis

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On the Topic of Missions For Christians, the topic of Missionary work is always something that is met with mixed opinions. Some believe that we have fulfilled our duties of bringing people to Christ, some believe that you can only reached lost people by going to other countries, and some believe that there is a larger calling in our own neighborhoods. I think that as long as there is still one person in this world who does not know the Lord as their true Savior, then we still have mission work to do. I do not believe that it is necessary for all believers to travel to other countries to help bring the lost to God. As Christ’s followers we have to bring as many people to Him as possible. That great mission looks different for…show more content…
For others, that could mean staying where God has planted them and helping to bring Christ into their hometown. I will be analyzing two pieces of writing that have these opposite views. The first piece of writing that I will analyze is ‘Key to City and Nation Transformation? Engage the 9 to 5 Window’ by Os Hillman. In his writing, Hillman discusses why it is important to engage the working crowd as evangelists in today’s society. The 9 to 5 window that Hillman talks about is the group of people who are influential in society as business leaders. This window includes people who work in businesses. Hillman discusses how he wishes to reach the part of influential business workers in America. He writes about how he would like to move past the 10/40 window of thinking and into the 9 to 5 window. The 10/40 window is the idea of reaching out into the World to bring all of the lost people to Christ. Hillman calls this movement the…show more content…
He was outraged by the content of the show and immediately axed it. The television program never aired. I think that this is an amazing example of the ways that business workers have a great hand in the ideas of the public. In his writing, Hillman suggests ‘Seven Mind Molders’. He says that these will affect how our culture will be shaped. These seven mind molders are: Business, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, religion, and family. I agree that these seven things are what shape a society. Hillman also discusses what he believes to be the requirements for a city transformation. His list is: Prayer, humility, unity, and knowledge of God’s ways. Prayer is of course incredibly important to any pursuit that we may have. We always need to speak with God before doing anything. If a city can have God on its side, that city will achieve great things. Humility is an important character trait for us all to strive for. But in the instance of workplace leaders for God it is even more imperative to remember. Pride is something that will turn many people away from the idea of Christ. Unity is important for all of us. Because of Jesus we
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