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Part I 1. What is engaged reading and how can it be encouraged and developed? (15 points) Engaged reading is an activity that concurrently yield pleasure and benefit. It is immediate, from the moment their eye passes over the words. The reader is personally motivated, focused, and involved in what they are reading. They feel reward as soon as they are drawn into the subject, thinking of nothing beyond these sentences, paragraph and pages, even the reading process itself. The engaged reader don’t see words after the first line or two, however, they paint mental pictures of scenes, people and action. They have a naturally interest in the topic they are reading, this help them to read faster, expand vocabulary, develop their reading comprehension…show more content…
The back matter of this book is noteworthy though. It includes online resources for children to dig deeper into the subject of time. It also includes online resources for parents. Picture Illustrations/ visual features: This book is packed full with many different images and visual features. There are multiple clocks on the pages all displaying different times. It is great to have so many visuals because it really helps the information stick in your child's mind; the book gives many examples for each idea presented. Textual features: The words are not in traditional places as you see above. There are charts and the words move around the page to help better explain the topic at hand. For example, in the image above you see the font, boldness and size of the font change based on which hands of the clock it is talking about; this helps your child make connections that the hour is worth the most and the seconds are worth the least. Vocabulary: This book implements a lot of vocabulary you will see on the vocabulary page of the website. This book helps give context to those words as well as provide definitions and example for them. I highly recommend that you and your child read this
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