Engaging In Physical Activities Research Paper

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Kate S. Seriña
English 27- Z
Engaging in Physical Activities can Improve Cognitive Performance Background on Physical activity Physical activity is known to be the movement of the body that practically uses energy, like walking, running, jogging, hopping, gardening or any form of exerting effort and energy. Physical fitness can be an important role in our lives since it keeps us healthy and avoids us from getting sick. According to Quentin (2012), students who engage themselves more on physical activities are those who are mentally healthy. Engaging to physical activity like engaging in different sports can be an outlet to anything you have been going through, it’s either stress on work, school or at home. Many
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Exercising can increase focus and concentration, in 2009 a Canadian School for learning took part of the experiment by making the students do the treadmill and exercise bikes before their math class, it is said that teachers noted a marked improvement in students’ ability to concentrate, participate and retain information during the class after they have done the exercise, also the inappropriate behavior also improved in the grouped that had the exercise as well, according to Evans (2011), students who engage in exercising can significantly reduce their disruptive behaviors. Irisin, an exercise hormone is being produced by the brain when you engage yourself in daily aerobic exercise, if you are able to insert exercising in your daily routine; you can live drug-free and can improve brain health. Irisin has many different health benefits; it has the ability to maintain body weight, slow the aging process and improve cognition which leads to the growth of neurons. In October 2013, Dr Bruce Spiegelman PhD, a cell biologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and his team stated that “when Irisin is released during endurance exercise it improves cognitive function and protects the brain against degeneration.” When Irisin is elevated…show more content…
Engaging to physical activities will help you to focus more and they have the skill of being versatile. According to Taylor (2007), the best student athletes are also versatile, with an ability to improvise when things don’t go to plan. Not only will that, engaging to sports enhance your communicating skills. Student athletes have better ability in communicating with other people. (Treharne, 2009). They are so used on dealing with other people, they tend to develop the skill of communicating more than the others, and they have the ability to use their ability to communicate to succeed on their own sport. Many studies have proved that students who engage more on physical activities tend to be more focus in class, with all the benefits shown in engaging in such, everyone is encouraged to exercise and engage to something that might help the body and the mind to be healthier. Inclined with this, it is also advisable that students will always find time to engage and be on the outdoor since it helps the mind to be relax for at least some time in a week, since being a student requires a lot of working and studying to do it is best to make time for your body and mind to relax, for it really helps us to be more efficient in our work. With our body reacting to the exercises that we do, certain hormones are being produced which helps the mind to
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