Importance Of Engineering Ethics

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Engineering ethics are important for in daily life of engineers. Undoubtedly, a perfect start to understand them is with the definition of engineering ethics, in addition to illustrating the impact on society.
Ethics is the study of the characteristics of morals, and involves the moral choices made by individuals as they interact with other persons. Engineering Ethics is the rules and standards governing the conduct of engineers in their role as professionals. Engineering ethics encompasses the more general definition of ethics, but applies it more specifically to situations involving engineers in their professional lives. [1]
Engineering ethics have significant impact on the engineers especially in situation involves decision-making
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In fact the team is committed in front of Almighty Allah before being committed to these rules to avoid and reject any deception because it deprecated and unacceptable at all in Islam. For instance, there are rules impose the raise the safety level of some components to ensure the safety of people who are dealing with the project. Thus, team will never try to reduce the cost of the project at the expense of safety, efficiency of the product or rule and instructions.

The fourth item states that Engineers shall uphold and enhance the honor, integrity and dignity of the engineering profession, and shall discharge their duties in a manner that foster and consolidate these values in the local community or worldwide. Each member is keen to understand or apply these standards to himself and those around him and then to the community in order to progress and raise awareness.

Team is always keen to get the information concerning the project for example, when we try to purchase motors, hoisting wires, luminaires, or the structural sections from suppliers we keen to get anything needed such as brochure, catalog, etc. from the company representative as recommended in fifth item that engineers shall associate only with reputable persons or
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Actually applying any ethic item and any good behavior we act as Muslims, will certainly affect the society. Most of people are easily affected by social environment around them by people around them. They just go with the majority of people.
Our vision is to increase the number of people who apply the engineering ethics.
By applying engineering ethics and before that going back to our Islamic precepts, we hope that we will make an effect on some people those who will affect other people later and so on. We aim to make these engineering ethics and Islamic precepts to become normal standards and lifestyle in our society.


After relating the code of ethics to the project, we have much more confidence in addressing ethics situation in the future, plus we will be familiar with it when working at companies, therefore our success depends on our ethics, whether it be spiritual or
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