Engineering In College Essay

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College Education College education is a great way to get a higher education and a good way to make more money. College gives a person a good foundation to be prepared for a higher leveled job that makes more money. One of many things to a major in college is engineering. Another is extra curricular activities like athletics and other interesting clubs.College education is good because you can make more after graduating, there are many different fields of work with a major in like engineering, and you can do extracirruclar activities during college. Some say that you can find a job that makes just as much as a college required job, but in reality the pay after college is a substantial amount greater than people that don’t…show more content…
First, engineers apply scientific and mathematical theory to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems( Koslowsky 464 ). Engineers play the role in designing everyday things like roads, buildings, and cars. Second, Engineering contributes to society in another way. Second, The process of scoping a problem, developing the solution, examining associated risks and costs, and testing, implementing, and maintaining the chosen solution gives humanity the tools for making decisions concerning social values.(Koslowsky 466 ). Engineers are able to design and build and design, but then also identify a problem and fix it. most engineers are employed in industry. Lastly, They provide support for basic research, component development, subassembly packaging, product testing, manufacturing process development, total project design, quality control initiatives, technical support of sales and marketing organizations, development of training and maintenance programs, and technical management. ( Koslowsky 466). There are many things than an engineer does, but if you're able to do them, than it’s easy to get a job. Many people think that it’s hard to get a job after college. In reality that’s not true. There are many occupations that are in need of more workers that need a college
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