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”Engineering know-how converts scientific knowledge into technology and then technology into successful innovation. Many seemingly simple aspects of our daily lives have been conceptualized, designed and developed by an engineer.” So from this point engineering is based on scientific concept. Through this type of process main focus is working principles of theories. Elementarily engineering tries to explain how things work.
And proceeding with engineering education which prepares undergraduates business life for the new inventions. Through engineering education there are three steps which can be seen as main components. What are these :
These steps can be easily
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Except from the individual skills they also cooperate with the other colleagues being aware of they can accomplish a project all together.
Briefly “Their knowledge and skills are in high demand across a range of sectors, from manufacturing to financial services and everything in between. “

Machines which are shortening distances, which are providing us reachability towards targets anywhere on earth. These machines are aircrafts. The first time in warfare planes were used to explore and gradually these machines have become supersonic. Missile and bomb loaded aircrafts that can accomplish variety of mission at different conditions like day and night or low or high altitudes.
These machines have carried wars to another dimension and they have bring asymmetric concept.
For the last 20 years in many different operation many country have preferred air power. There are many reasons for this and if we order some of these as:
- It support ground forces
- It is a easy way to get intelligence
- It is the fastest way at battlefield
- It is accurate way to destroy
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And these countries provide engineering education especially concerned about essential principals of an aircraft. Electronic engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering are some types of engineering which includes such basics like; how communication works, what is the physic under a flying aircraft or which software and components compose avionics. Beyond this it is mentioned before engineering contributes a pilot in numerous quality branches. Starting with analytical thinking at the air conditions 4th or 5th generation aircrafts are consisting of multiple systems and pilots should evaluate those systems one by one but at the end he should think those like unity for efficiency and that is the one of the point which can be gained during engineering education.
Another one is details while controlling an aircraft data flows over your HUD(Head up Display) and these data especially numbers all symbolize a value if a pilot ignores one of the error it causes accidents. In aviation details have vital role because speeds are high and weapons and aircraft itself are precise. Naturally a pilot who completes engineering education is used to pay attention to details as are result of calculation during education

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