Why I Chose Engineering

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It enthralls me how engineering affects us all, every moment of the day, every day of the year, and throughout our lifetime. From an invention as simple as a door lock to a communication satellite revolving around the Earth; engineering has touched every aspect of our life. This ever expanding scope has resulted in most byzantine engineering practices and therefore has necessitated a workforce adroit in understanding, managing and solving engineering problems with finesse. In awe of the ceaseless possibilities the field of engineering has provided us with and the need of the hour to develop a new generation of adept technical managers, graduate course offering the perfect amalgam of engineering and management would be vital to my professional growth.
Ever since I was a child, I have been riveted by the wonders of engineering and technology. From following the latest technological innovations on Discovery channel to constructing a mini electric-motorboat, I have spent most of my childhood in exploring
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At this point of my career, I consider graduate major in Engineering Management as an important component of my professional education. The education of management fundamentals fused with concepts of engineering will empower me to apply my skills in delivering high-quality business practices. It will also help me to develop a broader perspective of business and enrich my analytical skills in order to be efficient in the corporate world. A graduate degree in Engineering Management will allow me to assimilate the requisite skills necessary for managing project teams that consist of professionals with diverse technical and cultural backgrounds. Taking into account my undergraduate education and professional work experience, graduate major in Engineering Management is definitely the next best step for
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