Engineering: My Personal Statement: Personal Goals For Engineering

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Since I was in my childhood I have high curiosity on how and why things work. I have this unsatisfied feeling until I know why and how it 's happening. My dad always told me the same about me. I still remember how I spend the whole day looking for what make the pedestal fan to swing and I opened up its cover to see the motor and gear rotating and for me it 's fascinating. He used to bring me along with him in his nearest four wheel drive park where he taught me many things about four wheel vehicles. What are the differences between 2WD and 4WD, minor vehicles maintenance, and he also bought me a remote control car which he asked me to maintain it by myself and I love it. I realize I 'm very passionate with engineering, mechanical specifically, this is because I think engineering is a very wide discipline and no science theory or ideas will happen without engineering.
I was born and raised in a very average family. My mom and dad were retired from army when I was 16, so we live moderately with their pension. Throughout my school years, I am an active student. I had represented my school in many sports events but the only sport that I play passionately is football. Football has taught me many things and skills which we can 't learn in classroom. It taught me how to make decision, be organized, dealing with people -coaches and teammates- and most importantly is teamwork, which I can comply in my daily life. Form these, I have develop myself to become someone who has good time

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