Why I Want To Pursue A Degree In Engineering

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I have decided to pursue a degree in the field of Engineering. Ever since middle school, I have had a strong passion for both math and science. These are two subjects I have always been able to excel in, and that I’ve actually found interesting. I had considered other fields that incorporated both math and science, but I believe Engineering will be the right fit for me. During last year’s job shadowing day, I was able to shadow at an engineering firm called Amphora Medical. From being able to participate in hands on activities, seeing a daily schedule, and talking to the engineers themselves, I discovered engineering was definitely what I wanted to do, but not their specific kind. Amphora Medical is a firm that creates medical devices, therefore these men majored in either…show more content…
Things like transportation, roads, construction, the land, and raw materials I find interesting. Luckily for me, North Dakota State University has all three of these types of engineering, along with a very high job placement percentage after college, especially for girls. Engineering is a field primarily dominated by men, so females are at high demand. I am extremely lucky to have found a field that incorporates two of my passions and is wanting female workers like myself.
I am the type of person who likes to get things done and is not afraid to take charge in order to accomplish tasks. For example, I am a busser at a local restaurant where there are multiple bussers working at once. In order to get our jobs done the quickest and more efficient, I take initiative of communication with my coworkers. I help divide up our work and communicate what needs to be done in order for us to be the most productive. I am able to communicate with my peers what needs to be done and the best way way to accomplish our jobs.
Participating in high school soccer has helped change me into the person I am today. I was extremely nervous going into my first year of high school soccer. The thought of

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