Engineering Rhetorical Analysis

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The use of communication will make or break your career in the field you are planning on going into. There are many different ways of communication for the other types of work that you may pursue in the workforce. Technology is a major part in most workforces in today 's world. For example, “The use of information and communication technology in libraries includes the growing importance of delivery of digital contents and management of electronic resources, integration of database system with the web environment, and managing information system of parent organizations”(Kumar 335) . If you are not savvy in technology, you may not have a good chance at using it for communication in your job field. Engineering uses communication to make split…show more content…
The technology in a library is completely different from the technology in a modern engineering facility, thus making the level of communication in the engineering field more advanced than that of a…show more content…
Political theory is all about speaking to people to get their attention and make them think that that politician is the right person for the job. Engineering rhetoric uses the speaking aspect, like politicians, but not on a maximum scale. The difference has brought out many theories about the differences between the two jobs, for example, Samuelson talks about how rhetorical theory has changed and how it is implemented into jobs, “The latest evidence of the gap between political rhetoric and economic reality is the Democratic controlled House 's decision to set aside, possibly indefinitely, the free trade agreement negotiated with Colombia by the Bush administration”(Samuelson 1). Rhetoric has a major influence in the job creation and how people make a career and advance in their specific job field. Engineering makes the rhetorical stance for speaking to people to get the approval for their projects. This cannot be achieved without the speaking efficiency that is acquired when people are put through schooling and gaining experience with being
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