Problem Solving Engineering Problems

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Engineering Science is the science that deals with applying scientific knowledge to solve our everyday practical engineering problems. Engineering is dated back into the ancient days where people created classic inventions such as the pulley, lever and wheel. The history of engineering can be divided into four (4) sections which are also classified as revolutions. They are the revolution (before scientific calculations and technology), known as the Pre- Scientific Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Second Industrial Revolution and the revolution of today known as the Information Revolution. (Finch, 1978).
In the Pre- Scientific Revolution, there were ancient builder’s mainly craftsmen and artists with great skill, thinking and imagination
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Scientists investigate our problems, values and needs and create products to satisfy them. The growth and development of the world also plays a major part in encouraging engineering. In engineering, there are countless problems that can arise. Engineering science creates a medium for problem solving. This approach applies for any engineering problems encountered. The problem will be thoroughly analyzed, a plan of attack will be selected which will specify the category of the problem. The problem will be solved using principles or with theories which will then be checked for accuracy. The results of the problem will now be shown in the appropriate form that is needed. The goal of the application of science in engineering is to produce the best possible solution for a given problem.
The solution generated is what determines the outcome of the problem. The solutions should be precise, so the result won’t be affected. With the constant improvement and advances in technology, new materials, new capabilities and greater thinking, the experiments carried out via engineering science greatly improved the solutions with very little to no error and can be controlled due to modern technology. Complexed problems are also managed with greater
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Today there are many engineering fields today such as chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, petroleum engineering, nuclear engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering and many more. Future development possibilities can reach to alarming heights due to the knowledge of scientists and the types and amounts of experiments carried out, the constant upgrade to technology and invention of new things. Technology will keep upgrading with full speed and things will be easier to manage. In fifty (50) years everything around us would be the results of an engineering field, science and technology. Our world can reach to unimaginable standards with engineering science. Cars may drive on their own, there may be robots walking among us, everything will be at the touch of a button and so much more. Engineering science plays a major role in our everyday life and we look forward to the development and the appearance of our world in the

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